Pre/Post link/unlink scriptsΒΆ

You can add scripts,, or (or .bat for Windows) to the recipe, which will be run before the package is installed, after it is installed, and before it is removed, respectively. If these scripts exit nonzero the installation/removal will fail.

We strongly recommend that post-link (and pre-unlink) scripts should:

  1. be avoided whenever possible,
  2. not touch anything other than the files being installed,
  3. not write anything to stdout (or stderr), unless an error occurs,
  4. not depend on any installed (or to be installed) conda packages, and
  5. only depend on simple system tools such as rm, cp, mv, ln, and so on.

The scripts should not write to stdout or stderr unless an error occurs, but they may write to $PREFIX/.messages.txt, which is shown after conda completes all actions.

Environment variables are set in these scripts:

PREFIX The install prefix.
PKG_NAME The name of the package.
PKG_VERSION The version of the package.
PKG_BUILDNUM The build number of the package.