conda build

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       conda - conda build

       usage: conda-build [-h] [-V] [-n] [--output] [--python PYTHON_VER]

              [--perl   PERL_VER]   [--numpy  NUMPY_VER]  [--R  R_VER]  [--lua
              LUA_VER] [--check] [--no-anaconda-upload]  [--no-include-recipe]
              [-s]    [-t]    [--no-test]    [-b]    [-p]    [--skip-existing]
              [--keep-old-work]  [--dirty]  [-q]  [--debug]  [--token   TOKEN]
              [--user  USER]  [--password PASSWORD] [--sign SIGN] [--sign-with
              SIGN_WITH]  [--identity  IDENTITY]  [--config-file  CONFIG_FILE]
              [--repository    REPOSITORY]   [--no-activate]   [--no-build-id]
              [--croot CROOT]  [--no-verify]  [--output-folder  OUTPUT_FOLDER]
              [--no-prefix-length-fallback] [--prefix-length-fallback] [--pre‐
              fix-length _PREFIX_LENGTH] [--no-locking] [--no-remove-work-dir]
              [-c CHANNEL] [--override-channels] RECIPE_PATH [RECIPE_PATH ...]

       Tool  for  building conda packages. A conda package is a binary tarball
       containing system-level libraries, Python modules, executable programs,
       or other components. conda keeps track of dependencies between packages
       and platform specifics, making it simple to create working environments
       from different sets of packages.

   positional arguments:
              Path  to  recipe  directory. Pass 'purge' here to clean the work
              and test intermediates.

   optional arguments:
       -h, --help
              Show this help message and exit.

       -V, --version
              Show the conda-build version number and exit.

       -n, --no-source
              When templating can't be completed, do not obtain the source  to
              try fill in related template variables.

              Output the conda package filename which would have been created

       --python PYTHON_VER
              Set the Python version used by conda build.

       --perl PERL_VER
              Set the Perl version used by conda build.

       --numpy NUMPY_VER
              Set the NumPy version used by conda build.

       --R R_VER
              Set the R version used by conda build.

       --lua LUA_VER
              Set the Lua version used by conda build.

              Only check (validate) the recipe.

              Do not ask to upload the package to

              Don't include the recipe inside the built package.

       -s, --source
              Only obtain the source (but don't build).

       -t, --test
              Test  package  (assumes  package  is already built).  RECIPE_DIR
              argument can be either recipe directory, in  which  case  source
              download  may be necessary to resolve packageversion, or path to
              built package .tar.bz2 file, in which case no source  is  neces‐

              Do not test the package.

       -b, --build-only
              Only  run  the  build,  without  any post processing or testing.
              Implies --no-test and --no-anaconda-upload.

       -p, --post
              Run  the  post-build  logic.  Implies  --no-test  and   --noana‐

              Skip  recipes  for  which there already exists an existing build
              (locally or in the channels).

              Deprecated. Same as --dirty.

              Do not remove work directory or _build environment, to speed  up
              debugging. Does not apply patches or download source.

       -q, --quiet
              do not display progress bar

              Show debug output from source checkouts and conda

       --token TOKEN
              Token to pass through to anaconda upload

       --user USER
              User/organization to upload packages to on or pypi

              do not activate the build and test envs; just prepend to PATH

              do  not generate unique build folder names. Use if having issues
              with paths being too long.

       --croot CROOT
              Build root folder. Equivalent  to  CONDA_BLD_PATH,  but  applies
              only to this call of conda-build.

              do not run verification on recipes or packages when building

       --output-folder OUTPUT_FOLDER
              folder  to  dump  output  package  to. Package are moved here if
              build or test succeeds. Destination folder must exist  prior  to
              using this.

              Disable fallback to older 80 character prefix length if environ‐
              ment creation fails due to insufficient prefix length in  depen‐
              dency packages

              Disable fallback to older 80 character prefix length if environ‐
              ment creation fails due to insufficient prefix length in  depen‐
              dency packages

       --prefix-length _PREFIX_LENGTH
              length  of  build  prefix. For packages with binaries that embed
              the path, this is critical to ensuring that your package can run
              as  many places as possible.  Notethat this value can be altered
              by the OS  below  conda-build  (e.g.  encrypted  filesystems  on
              Linux),  and you should prefer to set --croot to a non-encrypted
              location instead, so that you maintain a known prefix length.

              Disable locking, to  avoid  unresolved  race  condition  issues.
              Unsafe  to  run  multiplebuilds  at once on one system with this

              Disable removal of the work dir before testing. Be careful using
              this  option,  as  you  package may depend on files that are not
              included in the package, and may passtests, but ultimately  fail
              on installed systems.

       -c CHANNEL, --channel CHANNEL
              Additional  channel  to  search  for  packages.  These  are URLs
              searched in the order they  are  given  (including  file://  for
              local directories). Then, the defaults or channels from .condarc
              are searched (unless --override-channels is given). You can  use
              'defaults'  to  get the default packages for conda, and 'system'
              to get the system  packages,  which  also  takes  .condarc  into
              account.  You  can  also  use  any  name  and the .condarc chan‐
              nel_alias value will be prepended. The default channel_alias  is

              Do not search default or .condarc channels. Requires --channel.

   PyPI upload parameters (twine):
       --password PASSWORD
              password to use when uploading packages to pypi

       --sign SIGN
              sign files when uploading to pypi

       --sign-with SIGN_WITH
              program to use to sign files when uploading to pypi

       --identity IDENTITY
              GPG identity to use to sign files when uploading to pypi

       --config-file CONFIG_FILE
              path to .pypirc file to use when uploading to pypi

       --repository REPOSITORY, -r REPOSITORY
              PyPI repository to upload to

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