conda index

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       conda - conda index

       usage: conda-index [-h] [-c] [-n CHANNEL_NAME] [-s SUBDIR] [-t THREADS]

              [-p  PATCH_GENERATOR]  [--hotfix-source-repo HOTFIX_SOURCE_REPO]
              [--verbose] [--no-progress] [dir [dir ...]]

       Update package index metadata files in given directories.

   positional arguments:
       dir    Directory that contains an index to be updated.

   optional arguments:
       -h, --help
              Show this help message and exit.

       -c, --check-md5
              Use hash values instead of file modification times for determin‐
              ing if a package's metadata needs to be updated.

       -n CHANNEL_NAME, --channel-name CHANNEL_NAME
              Customize the channel name listed in each channel's index.html.

       -s SUBDIR, --subdir SUBDIR
              Optional.  The  subdir to index. Can be given multiple times. If
              not  provided,  will  default  to  all  of  linux-64,  linux-32,
              linux-ppc64le,    linux-armv6l,   linux-armv7l,   linux-aarch64,
              win-64, win-32, osx-64, zos-z, noarch.  If  provided,  will  not
              create channeldata.json for the channel.

       -t THREADS, --threads THREADS

       -p PATCH_GENERATOR, --patch-generator PATCH_GENERATOR
              Path to Python file that outputs metadata patch instructions

       --hotfix-source-repo HOTFIX_SOURCE_REPO
              URL of git repo that hosts your metadata patch instructions

              show extra debugging info

              Hide progress bars

   conda commands available from other packages:
              build  convert  develop  env  index  inspect  metapackage render

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