conda render

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       conda - conda render

       usage: conda-render [-h] [-V] [-n] [--output] [--python PYTHON] [--perl

       [--numpy NUMPY] [--R R_BASE] [--lua LUA]
              [--bootstrap  BOOTSTRAP]  [--append-file   APPEND_SECTIONS_FILE]
              [--clobber-file CLOBBER_SECTIONS_FILE] [-m VARIANT_CONFIG_FILES]
              [-e  EXCLUSIVE_CONFIG_FILES]  [--old-build-string]   [--variants
              VARIANTS]  [-c  CHANNEL] [--override-channels] [-f FILE] [--ver‐
              bose] RECIPE_PATH

       Tool for building conda packages. A conda package is a  binary  tarball
       containing system-level libraries, Python modules, executable programs,
       or other components. conda keeps track of dependencies between packages
       and platform specifics, making it simple to create working environments

              different sets of packages.

   positional arguments:
              Path to recipe directory.

   optional arguments:
       -h, --help
              Show this help message and exit.

       -V, --version
              Show the conda-build version number and exit.

       -n, --no-source
              When templating can't be completed, do not obtain the source  to
              try fill in related template variables.

              Output the conda package filename which would have been created

       --python PYTHON
              Set the Python version used by conda build.

       --perl PERL
              Set the Perl version used by conda build.

       --numpy NUMPY
              Set the NumPy version used by conda build.

       --R R_BASE
              Set the R version used by conda build.

       --lua LUA
              Set the Lua version used by conda build.

       --bootstrap BOOTSTRAP
              Provide  initial  configuration in addition to recipe.  Can be a
              path to or name of an environment, which will be emulated in the

       --append-file APPEND_SECTIONS_FILE
              Append  data in meta.yaml with fields from this file.  Jinja2 is
              not done on appended fields

       --clobber-file CLOBBER_SECTIONS_FILE
              Clobber data in meta.yaml with fields from this file.  Jinja2 is
              not done on clobbered fields.

       -m VARIANT_CONFIG_FILES, --variant-config-files VARIANT_CONFIG_FILES
              Additional  variant  config  files  to add. These yaml files can
              contain keys such as `c_compiler` and `target_platform` to  form
              a build matrix.

       -e   EXCLUSIVE_CONFIG_FILES,   --exclusive-config-files  EXCLUSIVE_CON‐
       FIG_FILES, --exclusive-config-file EXCLUSIVE_CONFIG_FILES
              Exclusive variant config files to add. Providing files here dis‐
              ables  searching  in  your  home directory and in cwd. The files
              specified here come at the start of the order, as opposed to the
              end  with --variant-configfiles. Any config files in recipes and
              any config  files  specified  with  --variant-config-files  will
              override values from these files.

              Disable hash additions to filenames to distinguish package vari‐
              ants from one another. NOTE: any filename collisions  are  yours
              to  handle.  Any  variants with overlapping names within a build
              will clobber each other.

       --variants VARIANTS
              Variants to extend the  build  matrix.  Must  be  a  valid  YAML
              instance, such as "{python: [3.6, 3.7]}"

       -c CHANNEL, --channel CHANNEL
              Additional  channel  to  search  for  packages.  These  are URLs
              searched in the order they  are  given  (including  file://  for
              local directories). Then, the defaults or channels from .condarc
              are searched (unless --override-channels is given). You can  use
              'defaults'  to  get the default packages for conda, and 'system'
              to get the system  packages,  which  also  takes  .condarc  into
              account.  You  can  also  use  any  name  and the .condarc chan‐
              nel_alias value will be prepended. The default channel_alias  is

              Do not search default or .condarc channels. Requires --channel.

       -f FILE, --file FILE
              write  YAML to file, given as argument here. Overwrites existing

              Enable verbose output from download tools and progress updates

   conda commands available from other packages:
              build convert  develop  env  index  inspect  metapackage  render

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