conda skeleton cran

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       conda - conda skeleton cran

       usage: conda-skeleton cran [-h] [--output-dir OUTPUT_DIR]

       [--output-suffix OUTPUT_SUFFIX]
              [--add-maintainer ADD_MAINTAINER] [--version VERSION] [--git-tag
              GIT_TAG]  [--all-urls]   [--cran-url   CRAN_URL]   [--recursive]
              [--no-recursive]        [--no-archive]       [--version-compare]
              [--update-policy      {error,skip-up-to-date,skip-existing,over‐
              write,merge-keep-build-num,merge-incr-build-num}]       packages
              [packages ...]

   positional arguments:
              CRAN packages to create recipe skeletons for.

   optional arguments:
       -h, --help
              Show this help message and exit.

       --output-dir OUTPUT_DIR
              Directory to write recipes to (default: .).

       --output-suffix OUTPUT_SUFFIX
              Suffix to add to recipe dir, can contain other dirs (eg:  -feed‐

       --add-maintainer ADD_MAINTAINER
              Add this github username as a maintainer if not already present.

       --version VERSION
              Version to use. Applies to all packages.

       --git-tag GIT_TAG
              Git tag to use for GitHub recipes.

              Look  at  all  URLs,  not just source URLs. Use this if it can't
              find the right URL.

       --cran-url CRAN_URL
              URL to use for CRAN (default:

              Create recipes for dependencies if they do not already exist.

              Don't create recipes for dependencies if  they  do  not  already

              Don't include an Archive download url.

              Compare the package version of the recipe with the one available
              on CRAN. Exits 1 if a newer version is available  and  0  other‐

       --update-policy              {error,skip-up-to-date,skip-existing,over‐
              Dictates what to do when existing packages  are  encountered  in
              the output directory (set by --outputdir). In the present imple‐
              mentation, the  merge  options  avoid  overwriting  bld.bat  and
      and  only  manage  copying  across  patches,  and  the
              `build/{number,script_env}` fields. When  the  version  changes,
              both  merge options reset `build/number` to 0.  When the version
              does not change they either keep the old `build/number` or  else
              increase it by one.

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