Conda build recipes

To enable building conda packages, install and update conda and conda build.

Building a conda package requires a recipe. A conda build recipe is a flat directory that contains the following files:

  • meta.yaml—A file that contains all the metadata in the recipe. Only package/name and package/version are required.
  •—The script that installs the files for the package on macOS and Linux. It is executed using the bash command.
  • bld.bat—The build script that installs the files for the package on Windows. It is executed using cmd.
  • run_test.[py,pl,sh,bat]—An optional Python test file, a test script that runs automatically if it is part of the recipe.
  • Optional patches that are applied to the source.
  • Other resources that are not included in the source and cannot be generated by the build scripts. Examples are icon files, readme files and build notes.

TIP: When you use the conda skeleton <skeleton_ref> command, the first 3 files—meta.yaml, and bld.bat—are automatically generated for you.

Conda build process

conda-build performs the following steps:

  1. Reads the metadata.
  2. Downloads the source into a cache.
  3. Extracts the source into the source directory.
  4. Applies any patches.
  5. Re-evaluates the metadata, if source is necessary to fill any metadata values.
  6. Creates a build environment, and then installs the build dependencies there.
  7. Runs the build script. The current working directory is the source directory with environment variables set. The build script installs into the build environment.
  8. Performs some necessary post-processing steps, such as shebang and rpath.
  9. Creates a conda package containing all the files in the build environment that are new from step 5, along with the necessary conda package metadata.
  10. Tests the new conda package if the recipe includes tests:
    1. Deletes the build environment.
    2. Creates a test environment with the package and its dependencies.
    3. Runs the test scripts.

The conda-recipes repo contains example recipes for many conda packages.

CAUTION: All recipe files, including meta.yaml and build scripts, are included in the final package archive that is distributed to users. Be careful not to put sensitive information such as passwords into recipes where it could be made public.

The conda skeleton <skeleton_ref> command can help to make skeleton recipes for common repositories, such as PyPI.