Miniconda is a free minimal installer for conda. It is a small, bootstrap version of Anaconda that includes only conda, Python, the packages they depend on, and a small number of other useful packages, including pip, zlib and a few others. Use the conda install command to install 720+ additional conda packages from the Anaconda repository.

See if Miniconda is right for you.

Windows installers

Python version Name Size SHA256 hash
Python 3.7 Miniconda3 Windows 64-bit 51.6 MiB 1701955cd637d1dad5a84958fd470649b79de973d1570541eb52857664b5056c
  Miniconda3 Windows 32-bit 52.2 MiB ca74cb6eb0731db2b972c0fb512e29661a84c3f01ac6133121b4372eb1c41f46
Python 2.7 Miniconda2 Windows 64-bit 50.9 MiB 8647c54058f11842c37854edeff4d20bc1fbdad8b88d9d34d76fda1630e64846
  Miniconda2 Windows 32-bit 48.7 MiB 0d106228d6a4610b599df965dd6d9bb659329a17e3d693e3274b20291a7c6f94

MacOSX installers

Python version Name Size SHA256 hash
Python 3.7 Miniconda3 MacOSX 64-bit bash 50.3 MiB d1fca4f74f9971c27220122723843f6c879a5d13ff59c01fca17ef62a1576732
  Miniconda3 MacOSX 64-bit pkg 61.3 MiB f3ede3a58d82fb5dcbca52d291a9edb5cd962d84d823a20693dd4bb27506cdd0
Python 2.7 Miniconda2 MacOSX 64-bit bash 39.4 MiB 0db8f4037e40e13eb1d2adc89e054dfb165470cc77be45ef2bf9cb31c8b72f39
  Miniconda2 MacOSX 64-bit pkg 47.8 MiB fcc30b2e18f7a292b34b2e24ad855786a66423f860157fa2b77e48b6392f0abb

Linux installers

Python version Name Size SHA256 hash
Python 3.7 Miniconda Linux 64-bit 81.1 MiB 957d2f0f0701c3d1335e3b39f235d197837ad69a944fa6f5d8ad2c686b69df3b
  Miniconda3 Linux 32-bit 62.7 MiB f387eded3fa4ddc3104b7775e62d59065b30205c2758a8b86b4c27144adafcc4
Python 2.7 Miniconda2 Linux 64-bit 46.0 MiB 383fe7b6c2574e425eee3c65533a5101e68a2d525e66356844a80aa02a556695
  Miniconda2 Linux 32-bit 39.0 MiB 2e20ac4379ca5262e7612f84ad26b1a2f2782d0994facdecb28e0baf51749979

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These Miniconda installers contain the conda package manager and Python. Once Miniconda is installed, you can use the conda command to install any other packages and create environments, etc. For example:

$ conda install numpy
$ conda create -n py3k anaconda python=3

There are two variants of the installer: Miniconda is Python 2 based and Miniconda3 is Python 3 based. Note that the choice of which Miniconda is installed only affects the root environment. Regardless of which version of Miniconda you install, you can still install both Python 2.x and Python 3.x environments.

The other difference is that the Python 3 version of Miniconda will default to Python 3 when creating new environments and building packages. So for instance, the behavior of:

$ conda create -n myenv python

will be to install Python 2.7 with the Python 2 Miniconda and to install Python 3.7 with the Python 3 Miniconda. You can override the default by explicitly setting python=2 or python=3. It also determines the default value of CONDA_PY when using conda build.


If you already have Miniconda or Anaconda installed, and you just want to upgrade, you should not use the installer. Just use conda update.

For instance:

$ conda update conda

will update conda.