conda develop#

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       conda - conda develop


       usage:  conda-develop  [-h]  [-npf] [-b] [-c] [-u] [-n ENVIRONMENT | -p

              PATH [PATH ...]

       Install a Python package in 'development mode'.

       This works by creating a conda.pth file in site-packages.


   positional arguments:
       PATH   Path to the source directory.

   optional arguments:
       -h, --help
              Show this help message and exit.

       -npf, --no-pth-file
              Relink compiled extension dependencies against  libraries  found
              in current conda env. Do not add source to conda.pth.

       -b, --build_ext
              Build  extensions  inplace,  invoking: python build_ext
              --inplace; add to conda.pth; relink runtime libraries  to  envi-
              ronment's lib/.

       -c, --clean
              Invoke  clean  on  python  clean  use  with
              build_ext to clean before building.

       -u, --uninstall
              Removes package if installed in 'development mode'  by  deleting
              path  from conda.pth file. Ignore other options - just uninstall
              and exit

              Name of environment.

       -p PATH, --prefix PATH
              Full path to environment prefix.

   conda commands available from other packages:
              build build-all convert develop env  index  inspect  metapackage
              render server sign skeleton smithy tracker verify

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