conda inspect linkages#

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       conda - conda inspect linkages


       usage: conda-inspect linkages [-h] [--untracked] [--show-files]

       [--groupby {package,dependency}]
              [--sysroot SYSROOT] [--all] [-n ENVIRONMENT | -p PATH] [packages
              [packages ...]]

       Investigates linkages of binary libraries in a package (works in  Linux
       and  OS  X).  This is an advanced command to aid building packages that
       link against C libraries. Aggregates the output of ldd (on  Linux)  and
       otool  -L  (on  OS  X) by dependent packages. Useful for finding broken
       links, or links against system libraries that  ought  to  be  dependent
       conda packages.


   positional arguments:
              Conda packages to inspect.

   optional arguments:
       -h, --help
              Show this help message and exit.

              Inspect  the  untracked files in the environment. This is useful
              when used in conjunction with conda build --build-only.

              Show the files in the package that link to each library

       --groupby {package,dependency}
              Attribute to group by (default: package). Useful  when  used  in
              conjunction with --all.

       --sysroot SYSROOT
              System root in which to look for system libraries.

       --all  Generate a report for all packages in the environment.

              Name of environment.

       -p PATH, --prefix PATH
              Full path to environment prefix.

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