Tutorial template#

This document describes the steps for creating a tutorial for conda-build.


Provide descriptions of the tutorial's:

  • Purpose.

  • Benefits.

  • Application.

Who is this for?#

  • Who is your audience?

  • What skills or prior knowledge do they need?

  • How will they use this tutorial?

Before you start#

Before you start, check the Prerequisites.

Provide descriptions of and links to requisite programs.

Glossary (optional)#

If you're using several technical terms that your readers may be unfamiliar with, provide a glossary of key terms.



Term 1

Term 1 defined

Term 2

Term 2 defined

Term 3

Term 3 defined

Tutorial tasks#

  • Provide descriptive titles for each section.

  • Identify the major tasks.

  • Separate each major task into subtasks.

  • Write a series of steps that walk the user through each subtask.

More information (optional)#

  • Provide links to related content.

  • Add final notes for how to expand upon the tutorial.