conda inspect objects#

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       conda - conda inspect objects


       usage: conda-inspect objects [-h] [--untracked]

       [--groupby {filename,filetype,rpath}] [--all]
              [-n ENVIRONMENT | -p PATH] [packages [packages ...]]

       Investigate binary object files in a package (only works on OS X). This
       is an advanced command to aid  building  packages  that  have  compiled
       libraries.  Aggregates  the  output  of  otool on all the binary object
       files in a package.


   positional arguments:
              Conda packages to inspect.

   optional arguments:
       -h, --help
              Show this help message and exit.

              Inspect the untracked files in the environment. This  is  useful
              when used in conjunction with conda build --build-only.

       --groupby {filename,filetype,rpath}
              Attribute to group by (default: filename).

       --all  Generate a report for all packages in the environment.

              Name of environment.

       -p PATH, --prefix PATH
              Full path to environment prefix.

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