conda skeleton pypi#

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       conda - conda skeleton pypi


       usage:  conda-skeleton  pypi  [-h] [--output-dir OUTPUT_DIR] [--version

       [--all-urls] [--pypi-url PYPI_URL] [--prompt]
              [--all-extras] [--recursive] [--version-compare]  [--python-ver-
              sion  {2.7,3.4,3.5}]  [--manual-url]  [--noarch-python]  [--set-
              up-options    SETUP_OPTIONS]    [--pin-numpy]     [--extra-specs
              EXTRA_SPECS] packages [packages ...]

   positional arguments:
              PyPi packages to create recipe skeletons for. You can also spec-
              ify package[extra,...] features.

   optional arguments:
       -h, --help
              Show this help message and exit.

       --output-dir OUTPUT_DIR
              Directory to write recipes to (default: .).

       --version VERSION
              Version to use. Applies to all packages. If  not  specified  the
              lastest visible version on PyPI is used.

              Look  at  all  URLs,  not just source URLs. Use this if it can't
              find the right URL.

       --pypi-url PYPI_URL
              URL to use for PyPI (default:

              Prompt the user on ambiguous choices. Default  is  to  make  the
              best possible choice and continue.

              Add all extra feature requirements. Applies to all packages.

              Create recipes for dependencies if they do not already exist.

              Compare  the  package  version  of the recipe with all available
              versions on PyPI.

       --python-version {2.7,3.4,3.5}
              Version of Python to use to run Default is 3.6.

              Manually  choose  source  url  when  more  than  one  urls   are
              present.Default is the one with least source size.

              Creates recipe as noarch python

       --setup-options SETUP_OPTIONS
              Options to be added to install in the recipe.  The same
              options are passed to install in both the  construction
              of  the recipe and in the recipe itself.For options that include
              a double-hypen or to  pass  multiple  options,  use  the  syntax
              --setupoptions="--option1 --option-with-arg arg"

              Ensure  that  the  generated  recipe pins the version of numpyto

       --extra-specs EXTRA_SPECS
              Extra specs for the build environment to extract the skeleton.


       Create a recipe for the sympy package:

              conda skeleton pypi sympy

       Create a recipes for the flake8 package and all its dependencies:

              conda skeleton pypi --recursive flake8

       Use the --pypi-url flag to point to a PyPI mirror url:

              conda skeleton pypi --pypi-url <mirror-url> package_name

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