conda config

Modify configuration values in .condarc. This is modeled after the git config command. Writes to the user .condarc file (/home/docs/.condarc) by default. Use the --show-sources flag to display all identified configuration locations on your computer.


usage: conda config [-h] [--json] [-v] [-q] [--system | --env | --file FILE]
                    [--show [SHOW ...] | --show-sources | --validate |
                    --describe [DESCRIBE ...] | --write-default]
                    [--get [KEY ...] | --append KEY VALUE | --prepend KEY
                    VALUE | --set KEY VALUE | --remove KEY VALUE |
                    --remove-key KEY | --stdin]

Output, Prompt, and Flow Control Options


Report all output as json. Suitable for using conda programmatically.

-v, --verbose

Use once for info, twice for debug, three times for trace.

-q, --quiet

Do not display progress bar.

Config File Location Selection

Without one of these flags, the user config file at '/home/docs/.condarc' is used.


Write to the system .condarc file at '/home/docs/checkouts/'.


Write to the active conda environment .condarc file (<no active environment>). If no environment is active, write to the user config file (/home/docs/.condarc).


Write to the given file.

Config Subcommands


Display configuration values as calculated and compiled. If no arguments given, show information for all configuration values.


Display all identified configuration sources.


Validate all configuration sources. Iterates over all .condarc files and checks for parsing errors.


Describe given configuration parameters. If no arguments given, show information for all configuration parameters.


Write the default configuration to a file. Equivalent to conda config --describe > ~/.condarc.

Config Modifiers


Get a configuration value.


Add one configuration value to the end of a list key.

--prepend, --add

Add one configuration value to the beginning of a list key.


Set a boolean or string key.

Remove a configuration value from a list key.

This removes all instances of the value.


Remove a configuration key (and all its values).


Apply configuration information given in yaml format piped through stdin.

conda commands available from other packages:

doctor - A subcommand that displays environment health report