Tutorial template

This document describes the steps for creating a tutorial for conda-build.


Provide descriptions of the tutorial's:

  • Purpose.

  • Benefits.

  • Application.

Who is this for?

  • Who is your audience?

  • What skills or prior knowledge do they need?

  • How will they use this tutorial?

Before you start

Before you start, check the Prerequisites.

Provide descriptions of and links to requisite programs.

Glossary (optional)

If you're using several technical terms that your readers may be unfamiliar with, provide a glossary of key terms.



Term 1

Term 1 defined

Term 2

Term 2 defined

Term 3

Term 3 defined

Tutorial tasks

  • Provide descriptive titles for each section.

  • Identify the major tasks.

  • Separate each major task into subtasks.

  • Write a series of steps that walk the user through each subtask.

More information (optional)

  • Provide links to related content.

  • Add final notes for how to expand upon the tutorial.