Auxlib is an auxiliary library to the python standard library.

The aim is to provide core generic features for app development in python. Auxlib fills in some python stdlib gaps much like pytoolz has for functional programming, pyrsistent has for data structures, or boltons has generally.

Major areas addressed include:
  • packaging: package versioning, with a clean and less invasive alternative to versioneer

  • entity: robust base class for type-enforced data models and transfer objects

  • type_coercion: intelligent type coercion utilities

  • Configuration: a map implementation designed specifically to hold application configuration and context information

  • factory: factory pattern implementation

  • path: file path utilities especially helpful when working with various python package formats

  • logz: logging initialization routines to simplify python logging setup

  • crypt: simple, but correct, pycrypto wrapper

[2021-11-09] Our version of auxlib has deviated from the upstream project by a significant amount (especially compared with the other vendored packages). Further, the upstream project has low popularity and is no longer actively maintained. Consequently it was decided to absorb, refactor, and replace auxlib. As a first step of this process we moved conda._vendor.auxlib to conda.auxlib.

__version__ = '0.0.43'#
__author__ = 'Kale Franz'#
__email__ = ''#
__url__ = ''#
__license__ = 'ISC'#
__summary__ = 'auxiliary library to the python standard library'#