Mirroring channels#

The conda configuration system has several keys that can be used to set up a mirrored context.

The default setup#

By default, conda can serve packages from two main locations:

  • repo.anaconda.com: this is where defaults points to by default. This base location is hardcoded in the default value of default_channels:

    • https://repo.anaconda.com/pkgs/main

    • https://repo.anaconda.com/pkgs/r

    • https://repo.anaconda.com/pkgs/msys2

  • conda.anaconda.org: this is where conda clients look up community channels like conda-forge or bioconda. This base location can be configured via channel_alias.

So, when it comes to mirroring these channels, you have to account for those two locations.

Mirror defaults#

Use default_channels to overwrite the default configuration. For example:

    - https://my-mirror.com/pkgs/main
    - https://my-mirror.com/pkgs/r
    - https://my-mirror.com/pkgs/msys2

Mirror all community channels#

Redefine channel_alias to point to your mirror. For example:

channel_alias: https://my-mirror.com

This will make conda look for all community channels at https://my-mirror.com/conda-forge, https://my-mirror.com/bioconda, etc.

Mirror only some community channels#

If you want to mirror only some community channels, you must use custom_channels. This takes precedence over channel_alias. For example:

    conda-forge: https://my-mirror.com/conda-forge

With this configuration, conda-forge will be looked up at https://my-mirror.com/conda-forge. All other community channels will be looked up at https://conda.anaconda.org.


Feel free to explore all the available options in Configuration.