conda skeleton cran#

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       conda - conda skeleton cran


       usage: conda-skeleton cran [-h] [--output-dir OUTPUT_DIR]

       [--output-suffix OUTPUT_SUFFIX]
              [--add-maintainer ADD_MAINTAINER] [--version VERSION] [--git-tag
              GIT_TAG]   [--all-urls]   [--cran-url   CRAN_URL]    [--r-interp
              R_INTERP]          [--use-binaries-ver         USE_BINARIES_VER]
              [--use-noarch-generic]     [--use-rtools-win]      [--recursive]
              [--no-recursive]        [--no-archive]       [--version-compare]
              [--update-policy      {error,skip-up-to-date,skip-existing,over-
              write,merge-keep-build-num,merge-incr-build-num}]    [-m   VARI-
              ANT_CONFIG_FILES] packages [packages ...]

   positional arguments:
              CRAN packages to create recipe skeletons for.

   optional arguments:
       -h, --help
              Show this help message and exit.

       --output-dir OUTPUT_DIR
              Directory to write recipes to (default: .).

       --output-suffix OUTPUT_SUFFIX
              Suffix to add to recipe dir, can contain other dirs (eg:  -feed-
              stock/recipe). (default: )

       --add-maintainer ADD_MAINTAINER
              Add this github username as a maintainer if not already present.
              (default: None)

       --version VERSION
              Version to use. Applies to all packages. (default: None)

       --git-tag GIT_TAG
              Git tag to use for GitHub recipes. (default: None)

              Look at all URLs, not just source URLs. Use  this  if  it  can't
              find the right URL. (default: False)

       --cran-url CRAN_URL
              URL to use for as source package repository (default: None)

       --r-interp R_INTERP
              Declare R interpreter package (default: r-base)

       --use-binaries-ver USE_BINARIES_VER
              Repackage  binaries from version provided by argument instead of
              building from source. (default: None)

              Mark packages that do not need compilation as `noarch:  generic`
              (default: False)

              Use Rtools when building from source on Windows (default: False)

              Create recipes for dependencies if they do  not  already  exist.
              (default: False)

              Don't  create  recipes  for  dependencies if they do not already
              exist. (default: True)

              Don't include an Archive download url. (default: True)

              Compare the package version of the recipe with the one available
              on  CRAN.  Exits  1 if a newer version is available and 0 other-
              wise. (default: False)

       --update-policy              {error,skip-up-to-date,skip-existing,over-
              Dictates what to do when existing packages  are  encountered  in
              the output directory (set by --outputdir). In the present imple-
              mentation, the  merge  options  avoid  overwriting  bld.bat  and
      and  only  manage  copying  across  patches,  and  the
              `build/{number,script_env}` fields. When  the  version  changes,
              both  merge options reset `build/number` to 0.  When the version
              does not change they either keep the old `build/number` or  else
              increase it by one.  (default: error)

       -m VARIANT_CONFIG_FILES, --variant-config-files VARIANT_CONFIG_FILES
              Variant  config  file  to add. These yaml files can contain keys
              such as `cran_mirror`. Only one can be provided here.  (default:

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