conda notices#

Retrieve latest channel notifications.

Conda channel maintainers have the option of setting messages that users will see intermittently. Some of these notices are informational while others are messages concerning the stability of the channel.

usage: conda notices [-h] [-c CHANNEL] [--use-local] [--override-channels]
                     [--repodata-fn REPODATA_FNS] [--experimental {jlap,lock}]
                     [--no-lock] [--repodata-use-zst | --no-repodata-use-zst]
                     [--json] [-v] [-q]

Channel Customization#

-c, --channel

Additional channel to search for packages. These are URLs searched in the order they are given (including local directories using the 'file://' syntax or simply a path like '/home/conda/mychan' or '../mychan'). Then, the defaults or channels from .condarc are searched (unless --override-channels is given). You can use 'defaults' to get the default packages for conda. You can also use any name and the .condarc channel_alias value will be prepended. The default channel_alias is


Use locally built packages. Identical to '-c local'.


Do not search default or .condarc channels. Requires --channel.


Specify file name of repodata on the remote server where your channels are configured or within local backups. Conda will try whatever you specify, but will ultimately fall back to repodata.json if your specs are not satisfiable with what you specify here. This is used to employ repodata that is smaller and reduced in time scope. You may pass this flag more than once. Leftmost entries are tried first, and the fallback to repodata.json is added for you automatically. For more information, see conda config --describe repodata_fns.


Possible choices: jlap, lock

jlap: Download incremental package index data from repodata.jlap; implies 'lock'. lock: use locking when reading, updating index (repodata.json) cache. Now enabled.


Disable locking when reading, updating index (repodata.json) cache.

--repodata-use-zst, --no-repodata-use-zst

Check for/do not check for repodata.json.zst. Enabled by default. (default: Null)

Output, Prompt, and Flow Control Options#


Report all output as json. Suitable for using conda programmatically.

-v, --verbose

Can be used multiple times. Once for detailed output, twice for INFO logging, thrice for DEBUG logging, four times for TRACE logging.

-q, --quiet

Do not display progress bar.


conda notices

conda notices -c defaults