Conda Documentation#

Welcome to conda's documentation! Conda provides package, dependency, and environment management for any language. Here, you will find everything you need to get started using conda in your own projects.

Install #

We recommend the following methods to install conda:

Miniconda installer for:

Miniconda installer for:

Run the following Homebrew command:

brew install miniconda

For more detailed instructions, see Miniconda's installation guide

New to conda? #

If you are new to conda, we first recommend the following articles:

Getting started guide

Learn the basics of using conda such as creating and adding packages to environments

Managing environments

Learn more about environments and best practices for using them in your projects

See also

Want to get even more in-depth training on how to use conda for free? Check out Anaconda's free course on conda basics.

Other useful resources #

Command reference

Full reference for all standard commands and options


Get the latest cheatsheet for commonly used commands

Configuring conda

Learn about the various ways conda's behavior can be configured


Important vocabulary to know when working with conda

Contributors welcome #

Conda is an open source project and always welcomes new contributions. Please read the following guides to get started developing conda and making your own contributions.

Contributing 101

Learn more about how the conda project is managed and how to contribute

Development environment

Follow this guide to get your own development environment set up