conda run#

Run an executable in a conda environment.

usage: conda run [-h] [-n ENVIRONMENT | -p PATH] [-v] [--dev]
                 [--debug-wrapper-scripts] [--cwd CWD] [--no-capture-output]

Positional Arguments#


Executable name, with additional arguments to be passed to the executable on invocation.

Named Arguments#

-v, --verbose

Can be used multiple times. Once for detailed output, twice for INFO logging, thrice for DEBUG logging, four times for TRACE logging.


Sets CONDA_EXE to python -m conda, assuming the current working directory contains the root of conda development sources. This is mainly for use during tests where we test new conda sources against old Python versions.


When this is set, where implemented, the shell wrapper scriptswill use the echo command to print debugging information to stderr (standard error).


Current working directory for command to run in. Defaults to the user's current working directory if no directory is specified.

--no-capture-output, --live-stream

Don't capture stdout/stderr (standard out/standard error).

Target Environment Specification#

-n, --name

Name of environment.

-p, --prefix

Full path to environment location (i.e. prefix).


$ conda create -y -n my-python-env python=3
$ conda run -n my-python-env python --version